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Professional Development

When people join DCE they are not just taking on a job, they are taking on a vocation. As such, our people are encouraged to fulfil their potential and strive to reach the top of their profession. DCE provides a structured learning and development program, which incorporates both internal and external courses. Formalised career reviews also give staff the opportunity to consider how their career might look based on choices they make.

DCE Engineering Development Program

DCE's Engineering Development Program is designed to help develop students and young engineers with skills to successfully start and flourish in their professional engineering career at DCE.

The Program promotes ethical thinking, peer-network learning, innovative thinking and helps develop problem solving skills. It encourages participants to further develop their analytical skills, with a strong emphasis on engineering disciplines and professional competence required for a rewarding career in engineering.

In addition, this program enables participants to be involved in exciting, high profile projects and work at the forefront of innovation to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.

Engineers Australia - Professional Development Program

DCE is an active participant in the EEA Professional Development Program (PDP), supporting our engineers to achieve their chartered status. Learning doesn't stop when you attain a certain level; great emphasis is placed on developing future leaders.



Peer Learning Network

In 2011, DCE launched the Peer Learning Network (PLN), a program established to formalise and encourage 'knowledge sharing' throughout the organisation.