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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since its inception DCE has been pro-active in community outreach programs, so it was only natural that in 2008 DCE established a formal Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee within the firm.

Chaired and run by volunteer staff members, the CSR Committee focuses on unique fundraising initiatives to assist others in the community, both locally and abroad, by offering time, services, goods and/or funds to help better the lives of others. The integral focus of this committee is to source areas and people in need and make direct contact with them, therefore removing the 'middle-man' factor present in so many fundraising initiatives.  


DCE's going paperless policy has been effect for several years now and has reduced paper consumption within our offices considerably. This policy involves switching over hard copy filing to an electronic system and using electronic mediums over paper wherever possible. When required, only recycled and carbon neutral paper is used.


DCE avoids emissions wherever possible and recently changed all lighting within the office from phosphorescent to LED and are switching all computer monitors to energy efficient LED screens. Emissions from DCE's fleet of vehicles are offset through the government accredited carbon offset provider Greenfleet.


In July 2014, DCE was admitted as an EnviroDevelopment Professional. EnviroDevelopment was created by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) to increase the uptake of sustainability in all areas of development including residential, retail, commercial and industrial as well as mixed-use developments. DCE is passionate about sustainable project solutions and the EnviroDevelopment certification formalises this attribute and how it can be applied within the Development sector.          


DCE's Annual Soccer Tournament

As a major fundraising initiative, DCE hosts an annual indoor soccer tournament in Victoria to raise funds for a selected charity or fundraising project. The Five-A-Side tournament is held throughout February and March and the details for the 2018 tournament have now been made available. We are pleased to announce that all fund raised from the 2018 Tournament will assist the Property Industry Foundation - an organisation whose mission is to make a tangible difference to the serious and persistent problem of youth homelessness by partnering with respected charities to build safe environments and support charity managed initiatives focused on education, employment and wellbeing.

For further information on the tournament and your organisation can get involved, please click here to access the 2018 Soccer Tournament website.